Terms & conditions of sale and warranty at Office Support


  1. These regulations set out the conditions for concluding sales contracts and guarantees offered by Office Support, ul. Zwycięstwa 8a, 42-624 Tąpkowice, NIP: 6452343291 REGON 241174408. The regulations are part of the agreement between Office Support and the buyer.

  2. The buyer places an order with Office Support via a B2B platform. If the purchased goods are delivered to the address provided by the buyer, the buyer is obliged to collect the goods by an authorized person.

  3. Warranty:

  • These regulations, pursuant to the content of art. 558 of the Polish Civil Code excludes Office Support's liability under warranty for physical and legal defects of goods.

  • My-Office inkjets and laser cartridges are covered by a lifetime warranty from 2018 July the 1st. If the My-Office product was purchased before 2018 July the 1st, then it was covered by a 2-year warranty.

  • The warranty for other inkjets and laser cartridges is granted for a period of 12 months. Product defects revealed at that time will be removed free of charge. Discovered product defects will be removed free of charge during the warranty period.

  • The customer may be required to provide proof of purchase.

  • If, at the time of receiving the package, you can see that it is damaged or the box has been previously opened, you should check its contents in the presence of the courier. If it turns out that the contents of the package are damaged You should immediately report the damage to the courier.

  • If, there are product defects that prevent proper use of the printer, Office Support guarantees the repair of the defective product, replacement or refund of the purchase cost.

  • The defect of the product should be reported to the buyer immediately, but not later than within 1 month from the date of its detection. If the goods are declared after the above deadline, the buyer loses the warranty.

4. Shipping of advertised products:

  • The buyer sends the complained products at his own expense to the following address: Office Support, 42-624 Tąpkowice, Zwycięstwa 8a.

  • Products submitted for complaints should be secured. Can be packed in factory packaging or replacement packaging. Excluding doubt whether the reported defect occurred during transport.

  • The package with products for complaint should contain a list of products with a description of the defect and prints confirming the defect of the products.

  • Products must have Office Support labels identifying our toner products. When you use your own labels, remember do not cover our markings. We must be able to clearly identify the product.

5. Complaint processing time:

  • Complaints submitted by the B2B platform are considered first.

  • The deadline for handling complaints is up to 14 days from the date of product delivery.

  • If the complaint is accepted, Office Support sends the products at their expense.

6. The warranty does not cover:

  • If, on the day of reporting the defect, the buyer did not pay for Office Support products for a period of more than 21 days from the date of payment. The warranty may be reinstated if the buyer settles overdue payments within 7 days from the date of notification of the products defect. In such situation, the warranty consideration deadlines run from the date of settlement of overdue payments.

  • The warranty will not be respected if the products will not be stored and used according to the device Office Support’s instructions (products should be protected from light and sunlight, moisture, high and low temperatures, products should be stored and used away from heating devices).

  • The warranty does not cover products whose validity period has expired.

  • Products that have been found to: broken seals, attempted repairs made by unauthorized persons (the Office Support service is recognized as authorized person).

  • Mechanical damage resulting from incorrect installation of the toner or ink cartridge.

  • Consumption resulting from the use of products at the level of: 60-70% for toners (depending on whether the toner has a chamber for used powder) or more, and for ink cartridges more than 50%.

  • If the reported defects of the products are considered negatively or if the warranty is not due for the reasons indicated in point 3,4,6 of the regulations, the complained products will be sent back to the buyer at his expense after prior arrangement by e-mail or telephone how to collect the products. If it is not possible to determine how to collect the products, will be sent back to the buyer through a forwarding company chosen by Office Support, and the shipping cost should be returned to Office Support within 7 days from the date of receipt of the products by the buyer.

7. Returns of goods:

  • The products can be returned in case of a mistake of Office Support sales representative or warehouse employees.

  • We are not responsible for damages or lost profits caused by customers unawareness or improper use of consumables.

8. Payments:

  • The customer is obliged to regulate payments on time.

  • Overdue payments will result in additional costs, including an interest note, from the first business day following the end of the month, and a flat-rate debt collection fee.

  • The flat fee for recovery costs is EUR 40, which is calculated for every invoice that has not been paid on time.

9. Access to the Office Support's platform. As part of cooperation with the Office Support, the Buyer receives free access to the platform

  • On the B2B platform are available certificates of the products, product safety data sheets, product performance cards, professional product photos and integration through an XML file.

  • The B2B platform allows the integration of the materials contained with online stores / buyers' websites.

  • The buyer may use materials posted on the B2B platform in its operations. May share photos, use certificates and other documents regarding making purchases only from the Office Support (exclusive condition).

  • The use of materials posted on the B2B platform when breaking the exclusivity condition, may charge a contractual penalty of PLN 1,000.00 for each piece of product purchased without the indicated exclusivity condition.

  • Under the condition of exclusivity, the Buyer can use the resources of the B2B platform for tender procedures. When Buyer wins the tender is obligated to maintain the exclusivity condition and order all of the products. In case of braking this condition Office Support is entitled to charge a contractual penalty in the amount of PLN 10,000.00 as well as to seek compensation on general rules if the amount is exceeded.

10. Office Support has civil liability insurance in the event of damage to the printer through the fault of our product. In this situation, we carry out an expertise, provided that you send us the printer along with the defective product. The procedure for submitting a complaint about a consumable that caused damage or soiling to the printer can be found at the link.

11. All purchase contracts concluded are subject to the law of the Republic of Poland (excluding the applicability of the UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of products and the Polish law on private international law). The court of jurisdiction for all individual purchase contracts, shall be, the court having jurisdiction over the subject at Office Support place of business which is Republic of Poland.