Conditions for accepting complaints


General conditions for accepting complaints


A defect of the purchased goods should be reported immediately, not later than within 1 month from the date of its detection. If the complaint is accepted, Office Support returns the products at its own expense.


We do not accept complaints:

  • of the goods in a damaged package,
  • of the goods in undescribed (notification/ request number) shipments,
  • of the goods whose consumption/use exceeds: in the case of toners 60% - 70% (depending on whether the toner has a chamber for used powder), in the case of inks 50%.

Complaints procedure

  • From 01/09/2020, in order to submit a complaint, the customer is obliged to use the complaint formular via the B2B Office Support Platform.
  • It is not possible to make a complaint without a notification, confirmed with a request number in the B2B Office Support Platform.
  • The defective goods shall be sent by the buyer at their own expense to the following address: Office Support, 42-624 Tąpkowice, Zwycięstwa 8 a.
  • The buyer may authorize an other person to send the complaint goods.
  • The complained products must have the manufacturer's labels, and in the case of labeling with own labels, the labels must be placed so that they do not cover the manufacturer's markings and allow for identification of the product.
  • The goods under complaint should be packed in original or replacement packaging.
  • On the package, in a visible place (note: not directly on the original box!), it is absolutely necessary to put the given request number.
  • During transport, the shipment should be properly packed and secured. The Customer is responsible for damage caused in transport as a result of inadequate securing of the parcel. This also applies when the return is collected directly by the Office Support sales representative.

* In case of a complaint about a consumable that caused damage or soiling to the printer, the customer is obliged to read the in-depth procedure - link.


Time for process the complaint

  • The deadline for considering the complaint is counted from the date of delivery of the product to the Office Support service.
  • Office Support will make every effort to respond to the complaint within no more than 14 working days. If it is impossible to keep the deadline for independent reasons, Office Support reserves the right to extend the deadline for processing the complaint.


Go to the Instructions for proper packing of the complaint.