Conditions for accepting returns


General conditions for accepting returns

Office Support is not responsible for damages or lost profits caused by unawareness of customers, improper and inconsistent with the operating conditions of devices and consumables.

Products are returnable in case of a mistake of the sales manager or warehouse workers of Office Support. The return of the purchased goods is possible after prior contact and with the acceptance of the Office Support sales representative. Returns will only be accepted in the original, intact packaging.


We do not accept returns:

  • used goods, damaged by the customer,
  • goods in replacement packaging,
  • goods in damaged packaging,
  • goods in undescribed (notification/ request number) shipments,
  • goods purchased for the customer on his special request.


Return procedure:

  • From 1.09.2020, in order to submit a return notification, the customer is obliged to use the return notification via the B2B Office Support Platform.
  • It is not possible to make a return without a notification, confirmed with a request number in the B2B Office Support Platform.
  • The buyer sends the returned goods to the following address: Office Support, 42-624 Tąpkowice, Zwycięstwa 8a. Shipping costs are covered by the Customer or, if the reason for the return is a mistake on the part of Office Support, the delivery costs are covered by Office Support.
  • The returned goods should be unused, packed in factory packaging without any additional stickers or descriptions not belonging to Office Support.
  • On the package, in a visible place (note: not directly on the original box!), it is absolutely necessary to put the given request number.
  • During transport, the shipment should be properly packed and secured. The Customer is responsible for damage caused in transport as a result of inadequate securing of the parcel. This also applies when the return is collected directly by the Office Support sales representative.

Time to process the return

  • The correction will be issued only after confirmation of receipt of the return to the Office Support warehouse, up to a maximum of 14 business days.

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